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blue and red. CCI stochastic should be above the level of.e. CCI Stochastic (14, 5, 3). Buy, when Arithmetic indicator draw arrow on the bar that bounce or broken the lower band, wait CCI Stochastic (buy)arrow and buy at opening of the next bar. Fortrader, suite 11, Second Floor, Sound Vision House, Francis Rachel Str. When buy when we see blue arrow and sell when we see red arrow.

Bollinger bands will give you idea of what you should be doing at particular time. You are free: to Shareto copy, distribute and transmit the work, and to Remixto adapt the work (continue read. And the second indicator. However, the best way to trade is by finding a market which is trending (whether upward and downward) and by opening position only in the direction of the trend. This indicator is quite tricky one. At least you can know when to open position and when to avoid using Bollinger bands. Time Frame H1, currency pairs: Majors. Contrary to most of the other momentum indicators, in this indicator, you buy when the momentum is overbought and sell when the momentum is oversold.

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Sell, when Arithmetic indicator draw arrow on the bar that bounce or broken the upper band, wait CCI Stochastic (sell) arrow and sell at opening of the next bar. Momentum is red when it is overbought and it is blue when it is oversold. A red arrow should appear above the price chart. Submit by Janus Trader, cCI Stochastic with Arithmetic indicator is a trend momentum system. Arithmetic indicator (go men charts objets and delete link and label). Open demo account to test this system. For example, you shouldnt be buying when the price is around the top band and you shouldnt be selling when the price is around the band at the bottom. CCI stochastic should be below the level of.e. A blue arrow should appear below the price chart.